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Smart crypto investing, made easy.

WealthAgile offers an intuitive, automated portfolio manager. Our product takes the complicated out of crypto investing.

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WealthAgile works in all market conditions

The WealthAgile product is built to work in different market conditions. Our risk control system constantly monitors the market and adjusts your portfolio exposure accordingly.

Why choose WealthAgile?

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24/7 Auto-rebalancing

The crypto market never sleeps, and neither does the WealthAgile product. Our AI-powered technology is built to constantly rebalance portfolios and optimize performance.

Seamless User Experience

We're firm believers that investing in cryptocurrency should be a frictionless experience – that's why we prioritized the design of our product experience just as much as its development.

Portfolio Tools at your fingertips

The WealthAgile product will allow you to experience the ease and capability of AI-powered portfolio management.

Defensive AI

Our AI system aims to reduce the volatility of the crypto market and balance risk. If Bitcoin is trending down, our algorithm is built to reduce risk exposure by automatically swapping BTC into stable coins or currency (e.g., USD, CAD).

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The WealthAgile Team

Timothy Burgess, CEO and co-founder of WealthAgile

Timothy Burgess, CFA

CEO & Co-founder
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Timothy has spent over 20 years on Bay Street working in institutional sales and portfolio management. He recently ran the Spartin on TREND Fund, where he built a fully systematic momentum strategy.

Dr. Ehsan Fazl-Ersi, CSO and co-founder of WealthAgile

Dr. Ehsan Fazl-Ersi

CSO & Co-founder
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Dr. Fazl-Ersi has specialized in artificial intelligence for 17 years, after earning his Ph.D. at York University. His past positions include CSO of Slyce and CEO at OcularAI. He is an avid inventor, with 3 U.S. patents and over 40 publications in various fields of AI.


WealthAgile advisor, Roger Dent, who is also CEO at Quinsam Capital Corp

Roger Dent

CEO at Quinsam Capital Corp.
WealthAgile advisor, Hassan Jaferi, who is also CEO at Bitnobi Inc.

Hassan Jaferi

CEO at Bitnobi Inc.
WealthAgile advisor, Faizal Javer, who is also Partner and Co-founder at Greyhill

Faizal Javer

Partner & co-founder at Greyhill
WealthAgile advisor, Sheldon Pollack, who is also a Chairman at AcuityAds

Sheldon Pollack

Chairman at AcuityAds
WealthAgile advisor, Sheldon Levy, who is Senior Managing Partner at  FCT Holdings Inc.

Dr. Sheldon Levy

Senior Managing Partner at  FCT Holdings Inc.

Experience the ease and capability of AI-powered crypto portfolio management.

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WealthAgile is not currently offering any services. Our products are currently in development and evaluation. Join our waiting list to get updates on our products.


WealthAgile is not currently offering any services. Our products are currently in development and evaluation. Join our waiting list to get updates on our products.